Budget Travel

Welcome to the newest addition to the website! I feel that there are many people who live on a budget or think they are not able to travel because of finances. My husband and I live on a budget and save for each trip we take. With this tab, I plan to show you the break down of the budget for each trip from what I plan to spend on everything to what expenses actually occur. There will be multiple categories I focus on: travel (airfare/gas/train), food, and attractions. However, I will list every expense I make for the trip so that you guys can see the real cost.

I always try to find ways to cut back on costs so that I can experience the city itself more. Also, I will even list the trips I take that are within driving distance and day trip worthy (it still has it’s costs). I hope to help all of you find ways for you to experience this great world on a budget.

I am always looking for more suggestions and ideas, feel free to leave me a comment on how you save money on travel.

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